Configuring the plugin
Configuring the pluginCreating Custom Internal Endpoints for Blocks

Creating Custom Internal Endpoints for Blocks

Similar to the blockEditor internal endpoint, developers can also create their own pre-defined internal endpoints (to feed data to their application or blocks), as to apply a specific configuration:

  • Using nested mutations or not
  • Using namespacing or not
  • Pre-defining CPTs that can be queried
  • Any other configuration available in the Schema Configuration

The following PHP code defines a custom internal endpoint with name accessMyPortfolioData, that configures field Root.customPosts (from the "Custom Posts" module) to access the MyPortfolio CPT only:

use GatoGraphQL\GatoGraphQL\PluginSkeleton\ExtensionHooks\AbstractAddCustomAdminEndpointHook;
use PoP\Root\Module\ModuleInterface;
use PoPCMSSchema\CustomPosts\Environment as CustomPostsEnvironment;
use PoPCMSSchema\CustomPosts\Module as CustomPostsModule;
class MyPortfolioCustomAdminEndpointHook extends AbstractAddCustomAdminEndpointHook
  protected function getAdminEndpointGroup(): string
    return 'accessMyPortfolioData';
   * Allow querying a specific CPT
   * @param array<class-string<ModuleInterface>,array<string,mixed>> $moduleClassConfiguration [key]: Module class, [value]: Configuration
   * @return array<class-string<ModuleInterface>,array<string,mixed>> [key]: Module class, [value]: Configuration
  protected function doGetPredefinedAdminEndpointModuleClassConfiguration(
    array $moduleClassConfiguration,
  ): array {
    $moduleClassConfiguration[CustomPostsModule::class][CustomPostsEnvironment::QUERYABLE_CUSTOMPOST_TYPES] = ['MyPortfolio'];
    return $moduleClassConfiguration;
   * Do not disable any schema modules
   * @param array<class-string<ModuleInterface>> $schemaModuleClassesToSkip List of `Module` class which must not initialize their Schema services
   * @return array<class-string<ModuleInterface>> List of `Module` class which must not initialize their Schema services
  protected function doGetSchemaModuleClassesToSkip(
    array $schemaModuleClassesToSkip,
  ): array {
    return [];

It must be initialized on the plugins_loaded hook:

add_action('plugins_loaded', function () {
  // Validate Gato GraphQL is installed, or exit
  if (!class_exists(\GatoGraphQL\GatoGraphQL\Plugin::class)) {
  new MyPortfolioCustomAdminEndpointHook();

Finally, the endpoint is accessed by replacing param endpoint_group with the chosen name: