Translate content from URL

🔥 This query is already included in Gato GraphQL, as Persisted Query “Translate content from URL”.

This query translates the content from the provided URL.

query TranslateContentFromURL(
$url: URL!
$fromLang: String!
$toLang: String!
) {
_sendHTTPRequest(input: {
url: $url,
method: GET
}) {
translated: body @strTranslate(
from: $fromLang
to: $toLang

Extensions required for this query permalink

  1. Google Translate permalink

    Translate content to multiple languages using the Google Translate API.

  2. HTTP Client permalink

    Addition of fields to execute HTTP requests against a webserver and fetch their response.

Bundles containing all extensions required for this query permalink

  1. “All in One Toolbox for WordPress” Bundle permalink

    Achieve all superpowers: All of Gato GraphQL extensions, in a single plugin

  2. “Automated Content Translation & Sync for WordPress Multisite” Bundle permalink

    Automatically create a translation of a newly-published post using the Google Translate API, for every language site on a WordPress multisite

Tutorial lessons explaining how the query works permalink