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Queries LibrarySubscribe an email on a Mailchimp list

Subscribe an email on a Mailchimp list

This query subscribes an email to a Mailchimp list.

query SubscribeEmailOnMailchimpList(
  # Email to subscribe
  $email: Email!
  # mailchimpDataCenterCode: Code for the data center of your account on Mailchimp (See: https://mailchimp.com/developer/marketing/docs/fundamentals/#api-structure)
  $mailchimpDataCenterCode: String!
  # Audience ID for the list on Mailchimp to which to subscribe the email
  $mailchimpAudienceID: String!
) {
  mailchimpUsername: _env(name: "MAILCHIMP_API_CREDENTIALS_USERNAME")
  mailchimpPassword: _env(name: "MAILCHIMP_API_CREDENTIALS_PASSWORD")
  mailchimpAPIEndpoint: _sprintf(
    string: "https://%s.api.mailchimp.com/3.0/lists/%s/members",
    values: [$mailchimpDataCenterCode, $mailchimpAudienceID]
  mailchimpListMembersJSONObject: _sendJSONObjectItemHTTPRequest(input: {
    url: $__mailchimpAPIEndpoint,
    method: POST,
    options: {
      auth: {
        username: $__mailchimpUsername,
        password: $__mailchimpPassword
      json: {
        email_address: $email,
        status: "subscribed"

And define in wp-config.php:

define( 'MAILCHIMP_API_CREDENTIALS_USERNAME', '{ username }' );
define( 'MAILCHIMP_API_CREDENTIALS_PASSWORD', '{ password }' );