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Queries LibrarySend a personalized email to your users

Send a personalized email to your users

This query retrieves a list of users, obtains their data (name, email and number of remaining credits, which is stored as meta), and sends a personalized email to each of them.

This query requires the endpoint to have Nested Mutations enabled.

mutation SendPersonalizedEmailToUsers {
  users {
    credits: metaValue(key: "credits")
    # If the user does not have meta entry "credits", use `0` credits
    hasNoCreditsEntry: _isNull(value: $__credits)
    remainingCredits: _if(condition: $__hasNoCreditsEntry, then: 0, else: $__credits)
    emailMessageTemplate: _strConvertMarkdownToHTML(
      text: """
Hello %s,
Your have **%s remaining credits** in your account.
Would you like to [buy more](%s)?
    emailMessage: _sprintf(
      string: $__emailMessageTemplate,
      values: [
      input: {
        to: $__email
        subject: "Remaining credits alert"
        messageAs: {
          html: $__emailMessage
    ) {
      errors {
        ...on ErrorPayload {