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Send an email with dynamic data

This query contains a message template with placeholders, and these are replaced with dynamic data before sending the email.

query GetPostData($postID: ID!) {
  post(by: { id: $postID }, status: any ) {
    title @export(as: "postTitle")
    excerpt @export(as: "postExcerpt")
    url @export(as: "postLink")
    author {
      name @export(as: "postAuthorName")
      url @export(as: "postAuthorLink")
query GetEmailData @depends(on: "GetPostData") {
  emailMessageTemplate: _strConvertMarkdownToHTML(
    text: """
There is a new post by [{$postAuthorName}]({$postAuthorLink}):
**{$postTitle}**: {$postExcerpt}
[Read online]({$postLink})
  emailMessage: _strReplaceMultiple(
    search: ["{$postAuthorName}", "{$postAuthorLink}", "{$postTitle}", "{$postExcerpt}", "{$postLink}"],
    replaceWith: [$postAuthorName, $postAuthorLink, $postTitle, $postExcerpt, $postLink],
    in: $__emailMessageTemplate
    @export(as: "emailMessage")
  subject: _sprintf(string: "New post created by %s", values: [$postAuthorName])
    @export(as: "emailSubject")
mutation SendEmailWithDynamicData @depends(on: "GetEmailData") {
    input: {
      to: "target@email.com"
      subject: $emailSubject
      messageAs: {
        html: $emailMessage
  ) {