Send a personalized email to your users

This query retrieves a list of users, obtains their data (name, email and number of remaining credits, which is stored as meta), and sends a personalized email to each of them.

This query requires the endpoint to have Nested Mutations enabled.

mutation SendPersonalizedEmailToUsers {
users {
credits: metaValue(key: "credits")

# If the user does not have meta entry "credits", use `0` credits
hasNoCreditsEntry: _isNull(value: $__credits)
remainingCredits: _if(condition: $__hasNoCreditsEntry, then: 0, else: $__credits)

emailMessageTemplate: _strConvertMarkdownToHTML(
text: """

Hello %s,

Your have **%s remaining credits** in your account.

Would you like to [buy more](%s)?


emailMessage: _sprintf(
string: $__emailMessageTemplate,
values: [

input: {
to: $__email
subject: "Remaining credits alert"
messageAs: {
html: $__emailMessage
) {
errors {
...on ErrorPayload {

Extensions required for this query permalink

  1. Email Sender permalink

    Send emails via global mutation "_sendEmail".

  2. Field To Input permalink

    Retrieve the value of a field, manipulate it, and input it into another field or directive, all within the same operation.

  3. Helper Function Collection permalink

    Collection of fields providing useful functionality.

  4. PHP Functions via Schema permalink

    Manipulate the field output using standard programming language functions available in PHP.

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