Send an email using Markdown

This query uses Markdown (which is converted to HTML) to compose the email.

query GetEmailData {
emailMessage: _strConvertMarkdownToHTML(
text: """

We have great news: **Version 1.0 of our plugin will be released soon!**

If you'd like to help us beta test it, please **please reply to this email by 30th June** 🙏



@export(as: "emailMessage")

mutation SendEmailWithMarkdown @depends(on: "GetEmailData") {
input: {
to: ""
subject: "Great news!"
messageAs: {
html: $emailMessage
) {
errors {
...on ErrorPayload {

Extensions required for this query permalink

  1. Email Sender permalink

    Send emails via global mutation "_sendEmail".

  2. Helper Function Collection permalink

    Collection of fields providing useful functionality.

  3. Multiple Query Execution permalink

    Combine multiple queries into a single query, sharing state across them and executing them in the requested order.

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  2. “Better WordPress Webhooks” Bundle permalink

    Easily create webhooks to process incoming data from any source or service using advanced tools, directly within the wp-admin

  3. “Private GraphQL Server for WordPress” Bundle permalink

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  4. “Tailored WordPress Automator” Bundle permalink

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  5. “Unhindered WordPress Email Notifications” Bundle permalink

    Send personalized emails to all your users, and notifications to the admin, without constraints on what data can be added to the email

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