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Helper Function Collection

Collection of fields added to the GraphQL schema, providing useful functionality concerning URLs, date formatting, text manipulation, and others.

_arrayGenerateAllCombinationsOfItemsCombines the elements in the arrays, extracting one item from each array and merging it with all others, under the corresponding label
_arrayOfJSONObjectsExtractPropertyGiven an array of JSON objects, with all of them having a common property, extracts the value of this property and replaces it as elements on the array
_dataMatrixOutputAsCSVOutputs data as a CSV. It takes a matrix of data, and produces a CSV string. This string can then be uploaded to the Media Library, or uploaded to an S3 bucket or FileStack, or other
_objectConvertToNameValueEntryListRetrieves the properties from a JSON object to create a list of JSON entries. It is used to transform a JSONObject output from some field, into a [JSONObject] that is input into another field
_strConvertMarkdownToHTMLConverts Markdown to HTML. It helps produce HTML content that is provided as input to some field or mutation, such as the _sendEmail mutation to send an email in HTML format
_strDecodeXMLAsJSONDecodes an XML string as JSON. It helps process an XML string, such as an RSS feed, by converting it into a JSON object which can be manipulated by several fields in Gato GraphQL
_strParseCSVParses a CSV string into a list of JSON objects. It takes a CSV as input, and converts it into a format that can be extracted, iterated and manipulated using other function fields
_urlAddParamsAdds params to a URL
_urlRemoveParamsRemoves params from a URL