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Predefined Persisted Queries

Predefined Persisted Queries

Persisted queries are composed, stored and executed already within the wp-admin, making it easy for admins to execute and automate tasks on their sites. They are similar to WP-CLI commands, however using GraphQL queries instead.

There are admin tasks which are common to many WordPress sites, including:

  • Duplicating posts
  • Replacing strings in posts
  • Replacing and old domain with a new domain in posts
  • Inserting a block in posts in bulk
  • Removing a block from posts in bulk
  • Translating posts
  • Importing a post from another WordPress site
  • Exporting a post into another WordPress site

Gato GraphQL ships with a number of predefined Persisted Queries, to tackle all these tasks and many more.

Predefined Persisted Queries
Predefined Persisted Queries

The predefined Persisted Queries are published as private, so they are not publicly exposed. These can be executed from within the wp-admin, by a logged-in user with the corresponding capability.

(There are also some "webhook" predefined persisted queries, however these have status draft, so they are also not exposed publicly.)

Every predefined Persisted Query contains the GraphQL query to execute for that task, documentation on what inputs must be provided, and a notice of which extensions are required (if any):

Persisted Query in the Editor
Persisted Query in the Editor

If the Persisted Query requires some specific configuration (such as "nested mutations"), a corresponding Schema Configuration is also created and defined accordingly.

The Persisted Query is executed either:

  • Straight from the GraphiQL client, passing the inputs as variables
  • By loading the Persisted Query's URL in the browser, passing the inputs as URL params