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Schema Editing Access

Grant access to users other than admins to edit the GraphQL schema.


By default, only admin users (those with the manage_options capability) have access to the different screens of plugin Gato GraphQL in the admin.

This extension Schema Editing Access enables to grant non-admin users access to the GraphiQL and Interactive schema clients in the admin, and to read and/or write the different Custom Post Types from this plugin:

  • Persisted Queries
  • Custom Endpoints
  • Schema Configurations
  • Access Control Lists
  • Cache Control Lists
  • Others

This is achieved via two different methods:

  1. By assigning the custom capability manage_graphql_schema to the user
  2. By selecting the user roles that can edit the schema (down to the "Author" level)

Granting access to users

Assign capability manage_graphql_schema to any user role or any specific user that must be able to edit the schema.

(You can use a 3rd-party plugin to do this, such as User Role Editor.)

You can also select a group of user roles which can edit the GraphQL schema.

The appropriate configuration must be selected from the dropdown in the "Plugin Configuration > Schema Editing Access" tab on the Settings page:

  • Users with capability: "manage_graphql_schema"
  • Users with role: "administrator"
  • Users with any role: "administrator", "editor"
  • Users with any role: "administrator", "editor", "author"
Configuring the schema editing access in the Settings
Configuring the schema editing access in the Settings