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Low-Level Persisted Query Editing

Make normally-hidden directives (which inject some functionality into the GraphQL server) visible when editing a persisted query.


In GraphQL, directives are functions that enable to modify the result from a field. For instance, a directive @strUpperCase will transform the value of the field into uppercase format.

There are 2 types of directives: those that are applied to the schema and are executed always, on every query; and those that are applied to the query, by the user or the application on the client-side.

In Gato GraphQL, plenty of functionality involved when resolving a query is executed through directives applied to the schema.

For instance, Cache Control works by applying directive @cacheControl on the schema. This configuration is by default hidden, and carried out by the plugin through the user interface:

Defining a cache control policy

Similarly, these directives provide Access Control for fields (and similar directives provide Access Control for directives):

  • @disableAccess
  • @validateIsUserLoggedIn
  • @validateIsUserNotLoggedIn
  • @validateDoesLoggedInUserHaveAnyRole.
  • @validateDoesLoggedInUserHaveAnyCapability
  • @validateDoesVisitorComeFromAnyAllowedIP
  • @validateDoesVisitorNotComeFromAnyDeniedIP

This extension Low-Level Persisted Query Editing makes all directives to be applied to the schema available in the GraphiQL editor when editing persisted queries, allowing you to avoid the user interface and add the schema-type directives already in the persisted query.

Schema-type directives available in the Persisted queries editor

As an example, defining Cache Control can then be done directly in the persisted query, by setting directive @cacheControl with argument maxAge on the field; or Access Control can be defined directly, by adding the corresponding @validate... directive directly on the field:

Schema-type directives