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Global Fields

Global Fields

Global fields are fields that are accessible under every single type in the GraphQL schema (while being defined only once).

The GraphQL schema exposes types, such as Post, User and Comment, and the fields available for every type, such as Post.title, and Comment.responses. These fields deal with "data", as they retrieve some specific piece of data from an entity.

Gato GraphQL, in addition, also offers a different kind of fields: those providing "functionality" instead of data.

Some example global fields are:

  • _not
  • _if
  • _equals
  • _isEmpty
  • _echo
  • _sprintf
  • _arrayItem
  • _arrayAddItem
  • _arrayUnique
  • many more

Functionality fields are useful for obtaining data that is stored outside of WordPress, and for manipulating the data once it has been retrieved, allowing us to transform a field value in whatever way it is required, and granting us powerful data import/export capabilities.

Functionality fields belong not to a specific type, such as Post or User, but to all the types in the schema. That's why these are handled in a distinctive way in Gato GraphQL, under the name of "global fields".