Gato GraphQL + Polylang demo

Automatically translating posts for Polylang

Translate a block-based post to all languages defined in the Polylang settings, and store those translations in the corresponding posts, using a Gato GraphQL automation.

Leonardo Losoviz
Leonardo Losoviz -
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We can use Gato GraphQL to automatically translate posts por the Polylang plugin (and Polylang PRO), using the Google Translate API, with support for the Gutenberg block editor, and the Classic editor.

In the demo video, Polylang is configured with 3 languages: English (set as the default), Spanish and French.

We first translate a block-based post to all languages by running persisted query Translate posts for Polylang (Gutenberg) (already available by the Gato GraphQL plugin).

Then we automate the process, by publishing automation rule Polylang: When publishing a post, translate it to all languages (Gutenberg) (already available by Gato GraphQL PRO, with draft status so it is disabled by default), which automatically translates the post to all languages, and stores the translations in the corresponding translation posts.

The automation will update translation posts with draft status only (by default). As the Spanish translation post is changed to publish, its contents will not be updated anymore when the origin content in English is modified.

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