“Unhindered WordPress Email Notifications” Bundle

“You've got mail!”

Send notifications by email

Communicate with your users, send notifications to the admin:

Send personalized emails to your users, containing data corresponding to each. Send email notifications to the site's admin. Or send emails to any address.

Send emails in bulk, with a single GraphQL query. Do not be constrained in what data can be added to the email: If it can be retrieved via GraphQL (eg: user data, post data, metadata, or other), it can be added to the email.

Emails can be composed using Markdown, and be based on templates containing variables, which are dynamically replaced with data.

The email functionality uses WordPress function wp_mail, hence any email configuration (such as the SMTP provider) is applied.

Read tutorial lesson Sending emails with pleasure to learn more.

Pricing permalink

Save 54% (over all included extensions)

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10 domains
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Buying the bundle gives you a license for 1 year (renewable every year), that includes support and access to all bundle updates. Prices are in USD.

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Extensions included in this bundle permalink

  1. Email Sender permalink

    Send emails via global mutation "_sendEmail".

  2. Field on Field permalink

    Manipulate the value of a field by applying some other field on it.

  3. Field To Input permalink

    Retrieve the value of a field, manipulate it, and input it into another field or directive, all within the same operation.

  4. Field Value Iteration and Manipulation permalink

    Iterate and manipulate the value elements of array and object fields.

  5. Helper Function Collection permalink

    Collection of fields providing useful functionality.

  6. Multiple Query Execution permalink

    Combine multiple queries into a single query, sharing state across them and executing them in the requested order.

  7. PHP Constants and Environment Variables via Schema permalink

    Query the value from an environment variable or PHP constant.

  8. PHP Functions via Schema permalink

    Manipulate the field output using standard programming language functions available in PHP.

Supported library queries by this bundle permalink

  1. Add a mandatory comments block to a post permalink

    If missing, add the comments block at the bottom of the post

  2. Add missing links in post permalink

    Search for URLs which have no link in the post's HTML content and add a link around them

  3. Display the URLs from all image blocks in a post permalink

    Extract the URL property for all core/image blocks in a post (including inner blocks)

  4. Display the number of comments for different periods of time permalink

    Analyze the trend of users adding comments to your site, based on several periods of time

  5. Display which posts have a thumbnail, and which have not permalink

    Identify posts that need to add/replace/remove their thumbnail

  6. Fetch users by locale permalink

    Retrieve all users with a certain locale, providing a regex to identify them

  7. Regex search and replace multiple strings in a post permalink

    Search and replace multiple strings in the post's title, excerpt and content

  8. Replace "http" with "https" in all image sources in a post permalink

    Switch to incorporating SSL when loading images in your site

  9. Replace an old post slug with a new post slug in all posts permalink

    Convert all content to point to the new URL for some post

  10. Replace the old domain with a new domain in all posts permalink

    Convert all content to point to the new URL for the site

  11. Search and replace multiple strings in a post permalink

    Search and replace multiple strings in the post's title, excerpt and content

  12. Send a personalized email to your users permalink

    Iterate over the users on your site, and send a customized email to each of them

  13. Send an email permalink

    Using text and HTML content

  14. Send an email to the admin permalink

    Fetching the admin email from the DB

  15. Send an email to the admin notifying of a new post permalink

    Integrate this query with automation to notify the admin when there's a new post on the site

  16. Send an email using Markdown permalink

    Converting Markdown into HTML content

  17. Send an email with dynamic data permalink

    Fetch data from the DB and dynamically insert it into the email message

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