❓ When to use WPGraphQL, and when Gato GraphQL?

Leonardo Losoviz
By Leonardo Losoviz ·

A few days ago, I published an article on Smashing Magazine: Making GraphQL Work In WordPress.

This article answers, from my own point of view (but objectively, I believe), the following questions:

❓ When should we use WPGraphQL, and when Gato GraphQL?
❓ Is there some advantage of one over the other, or some particular task that is easier to accomplish with one of them?

My conclusion (among a few others) is the following:

🤜🏽 When building a static site, use WPGraphQL
🤜🏽 When exposing a live GraphQL API, use Gato GraphQL

The differences exposed in this article are from a bird-eye's view, broadly exposing a guide to decide when to use each plugin.

Sounds interesting? Please check it out.

If you'd also like to understand the technical differences between the two plugins, some time ago I wrote another blog post: 🥊 Gato GraphQL vs WPGraphQL: the fight!.


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