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Helper Fields

Helper Fields

The GraphQL schema is added fields which provide commonly-used helper functionality.

Helper fields are Global Fields, hence they are added to every single type in the GraphQL schema: in QueryRoot, but also in Post, User, etc.


In combination with the Inspect HTTP Request Fields and Field to Input modules, we can retrieve the currently-requested URL when executing a GraphQL custom endpoint or persisted query, add extra parameters, and send another HTTP request to the new URL.

For instance, in this query, we retrieve the IDs of the users in the website and execute a new GraphQL query passing their ID as parameter:

query {
  users {
    userID: id
    url: _urlAddParams(
      url: "https://somewebsite/endpoint/user-data",
      params: {
        userID: $__userID
    headers: _httpRequestHeaders
    headerNameValueEntryList: _objectConvertToNameValueEntryList(
      object: $__headers
    _sendHTTPRequest(input: {
      url: $__url
      options: {
        headers: $__headerNameValueEntryList
    }) {