Developer Partnership Program

Would you like to develop extensions for Gato GraphQL, and make money off it?

The Developer Partnership Program invites developers to collaborate in the creation of commercial extensions for Gato GraphQL, and share the profits.

How does it work? permalink

The Gato GraphQL plugin can be augmented via extensions, which add more functionality and expand the GraphQL schema.

We aim to have integrations with all the popular WordPress plugins, including:

  • WooCommerce
  • Advanced Custom Fields (ACF)
  • Yoast SEO
  • Rank Math
  • Gravity Forms
  • Easy Digital Downloads
  • Others

We invite developers to choose from any of these integrations, or propose any other one of your interest, and create the corresponding extension for Gato GraphQL.

What will the extension sell for? permalink

Depending on the complexity and completeness of the extension, the selling price will be between USD $4.99 and $24.99.

(Gato GraphQL extensions are priced at either $4.99, $9.99, $14.99, $19.99, or $24.99).

This price is for the “Personal” license tier (for 1 domain). The price is 2x for the “Professional” license tier (for 10 domains), and 4x for the “Agency” license tier (for 50 domains).

How are profits shared? permalink

You will take 70% of the net profit from the extension. The net profit is the price of the extension, minus any potential expense incurred in selling it.

In particular, an expense is the 25% commission of the product price granted to affiliates↗ who sell the bundle or extension.

If the extension is sold directly (eg: not via an affiliate), as there are no expenses, then you will take 70% of the price of the extension.

For instance, if your extension is priced at $24.99, you will then take:

  • $17.49 if sold direct (that's 70%)
  • $13.11 if sold via an affiliate (that's 52.5%: the affiliate takes 25%, and you take 70% of the remaining 75% = 52.5%)

Extension sold via a bundle permalink

When your extension is included in a bundle, then you get 70% of the proportional price of your extension inside the combined prices for all extensions in the bundle.

For instance, as your extension will be included in the “All in One Toolbox for WordPress” Bundle, you will share the profit every time this bundle is sold.

This bundle has a price of $129 (for 1 domain). If the price of your extension is $24.99, and the combined price of all extensions in the bundle is $384.74, when this bundle is sold you will take:

  • $5.86 ($129 * 24.99 / 384.74 * 0.7) if sold direct
  • $4.39 ($129 * 24.99 / 384.74 * 0.7 * 0.75) if sold via an affiliate

What is our role? permalink

The Gato GraphQL team will support you with:

  • Creating the extension project and setting-up its structure
  • Providing relevant documentation
  • Providing PHP code examples to develop the functionality
  • Guiding you throughout the development process
  • Helping you troubleshoot issues

We will also promote and sell the extension (see section "How are extensions promoted?" below).

What are your responsibilities? permalink

As the extension developer, your task is to deliver the integration with the chosen 3rd-party plugin, maintain it, and (optionally) promote it.

Create the extension permalink

The integration with the 3rd-party plugin needs to deliver all agreed-upon features, i.e. it needs to add the expected types, fields and mutations to the GraphQL schema, to query/mutate data from that plugin.

These do not need to be 100% comprehensive of the functionality of the plugin. As long as these satisfy an actual problem, they can deliver just a subset of the GraphQL schema for that plugin.

For instance, an integration with WooCommerce could initially only include the Product type with the price field. And that could be good enough to ship the first version of the extension. Later on, in further iterations, it could also add the updateProduct mutation. Then, the Customer type. Further, the Variation type and the updateVariation mutation. And so on.

The price will be based on the number and complexity of the features included in the extension. When later on the integration is expanded, the price can be accordingly increased.

Maintain the extension permalink

Development of the extension must be ongoing:

  • Fix bugs
  • Make sure it works with newer versions of WordPress, and fix if not
  • Make sure it works with newer versions of the 3rd-party plugin, and fix if not
  • Add new features (based on your own needs, requirements by the community, etc)

Promote the extension (optional) permalink

You're welcome to promote the extension in your channels. We can also cross-promote, and collaborate in campaigns.

How are extensions promoted? permalink

The Gato GraphQL team will promote your extension alongside all other bundles and extensions:

  • The Extensions section inside the free Gato GraphQL plugin
  • The website:
  • Sharing content on different channels (social media, newsletters, etc)

Can you also be an affiliate? permalink

You can be an affiliate, but you will only get the 25% commission when selling others' products.

When selling your own extension as affiliate, your total payment will still be 70% of the price of the extension.

Join the Developer Partnership Program permalink

Contact us with subject "Developer Partnership Program", indicating which integration you would like to build, and we'll get in touch with you.