👨🏻‍💻 (Starting this Wed 18/10) Gato GraphQL Webinar Series @ WPBuilds

Starting this Wednesday 18th October, I will kick-start a webinar series on using Gato GraphQL at the WPBuilds podcast, hosted by the one and only Nathan Wrigley.

Whether you have used GraphQL or not, if you'd like to learn (and be surprised at) what is possible to attain with GraphQL in WordPress, then this webinar series is for you.

If you are not interested a tiny bit in GraphQL, but you do care about discovering tools that help you manage your WordPress site, then this webinar series is for you too.

(And psst, don't tell anyone, but if you care about getting a good deal, this webinar series is also for you! There might be a coupon code for a nice discount announced at it 🙊)

Gato GraphQL Webinar Series - 1st Episode

Where: wpbuilds.com/live

When: This Wednesday 18th October 2023, at 3pm UK / 10am Eastern / 7am Pacific time

Calendar: Google / Outlook / 365

The series will span over 5 sessions, going deeply into solving 20 problems that we usually encounter when building our WordPress sites.

Below is the program for each session (they all start at 3pm UK time).

1st Episode: Wed 18th October

“Introduction to Gato GraphQL, Running queries in the admin, Creating API endpoints, Access Control, Caching”

Live demo:
  1. Searching WP data (eg: finding posts or users by metadata)
  2. Querying dynamic data
  3. Complementing WP-CLI (eg: selecting on which resources to apply a command)
  4. Publishing an API endpoint without any PHP code, and making it password-protected or private
  5. Caching the API response without using 3rd-party libraries

2nd Episode: Wed 25th October

“Integrating with Gutenberg, Customizing content for users, Duplicating posts”

Live demo:
  1. Feeding data to custom blocks from your application
  2. Retrieving data for blocks for both client-side rendering (CSR) and server-side rendering (SSR), using DRY logic!
  3. Retrieving and exposing structured data from blocks
  4. Mapping JavaScript components to blocks
  5. Sending personalized emails
  6. Customizing content for different users
  7. Duplicating a blog post, and also multiple blog posts at once

3rd Episode: Wed 29th November

“Updating content in bulk, Automating tasks”

Live demo:
  1. Adapting content in bulk (eg: replacing a string in all posts, as when migrating the site's domain)
  2. Automating admin tasks (eg: automatically inserting a mandatory block whenever missing)
  3. Adding a custom call-to-action block to all posts (before a campaign), and removing it (after the campaign)
  4. Sending a notification when there's a new post, and a daily summary of activity to your email

4th Episode: Wed 6th December

“Translating content, Interacting with external services, Importing/distributing content”

Live demo:
  1. Translating a blog post (at the block-property level!), and also multiple blog posts at once
  2. Interacting with external services (eg: combining data from Mailchimp subscribers and website users)
  3. Importing a post from another WordPress site
  4. Distributing content to multiple downstream sites (eg: syncing data within a multisite)

5th Episode: Wed 13th December

“Extending the GraphQL schema”

We will learn how to create an extension plugin, containing resolvers that fetch custom data, to power our themes, plugins and applications.

See you there!?

I hope so!

👋 Ciao,

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