đź’Ş Gato GraphQL v1.4 is out + 7 new bundles + lower prices

Leonardo Losoviz
By Leonardo Losoviz ·

Gato GraphQL v1.4 has been released! 🎉

This version:

  • Supports passing headers in the GraphiQL client
  • Installs a predefined custom endpoint for duplicating posts in bulk (and executing similar operations)
  • Renames the "Recipes" section to "Tutorial"
  • Fixes several minor bugs

Find the description of all the changes in the release notes in GitHub.

7 new bundles

Gato GraphQL can be augmented via extensions, which are offered in bundles satisfying common use cases (providing a better value for money over purchasing the extensions individually).

We received feedback that, for several simple use cases, the bundles contained too many extensions, making them more expensive than they could be.

For instance, to replace the old domain with a new domain in all posts, we had to get the “Application Glue & Automator” Bundle, which was priced at u$d 119 for 1 domain.

Hence, we decided to create several new bundles, which are tailored to ever-more specific use cases:

New bundleDescription
“Automated Content Translation & Sync for WordPress Multisite” BundleAutomatically create a translation of a newly-published post using the Google Translate API, for every language site on a WordPress multisite.
“Better WordPress Webhooks” BundleEasily create webhooks to process incoming data from any source or service using advanced tools, directly within the wp-admin.
“Easy WordPress Bulk Transform & Update” BundleTransform hundreds of posts with a single operation (replacing strings, adding blocks, adding a thumbnail, and more), and store them again on the DB.
“Private GraphQL Server for WordPress” BundleUse GraphQL to power your application (blocks, themes and plugins), internally fetching data without exposing a public endpoint.
“Selective Content Import, Export & Sync for WordPress” BundleImport hundreds of records into your WordPress site from another site or service (such as Google Sheets), and selectively export entries to another site.
“Unhindered WordPress Email Notifications” BundleSend personalized emails to all your users, and notifications to the admin, without constraints on what data can be added to the email.
“Versatile WordPress Request API” BundleInteract with any external API and cloud service, posting and fetching data to/from them.

Now, to replace the old domain with a new domain in all posts, we can get the “Easy WordPress Bulk Transform & Update” Bundle, which is priced at u$d 59 for 1 domain.

To keep the naming for all bundles consistent, we also renamed all already-existing bundles:

Reduced the price for all existing bundles

In addition to creating more-specific bundles, we have also reduced the prices for all existing bundles!

For instance, the “All in One Toolbox for WordPress” Bundle is now priced at u$d 129 for 1 domain (it was u$d 149).

Check the new pricing for all bundles.

Install extensions and bundles in more domains

Finally, the licenses for the “Professional” and “Agency” tiers now permit installing your purchased bundles and extensions on more domains:

  • “Professional”: 10 domains (it was 5)
  • “Agency”: 50 domains (it was 25)

Your feedback is welcome

Your feedback is very important to us. We listen to our customers, and (as much as we can) act on their suggestions.

If you have any comment (concerning any of these news, or anything else), please don't hesitate to contact us.

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