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Buying the bundle gives you a license for 1 year (renewable every year), that includes support and access to all bundle updates. Prices are in USD.

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Expose your data like a PRO

Add dynamic features to your site / Go headless

Decouple your app: Use WordPress on the server-side to manage your data, and your framework of choice on the client-side to render your site.

Remain in control of your data

Be able to sleep at night with plenty of safety features.

Speed is on your side

The server is engineered to be fast, very fast.

This bundle contains extensions to superpower your public APIs:

  • Security: Grant access to the API to selected users only via Access Control
  • Speed: Cache the response of the GraphQL API via standard HTTP caching
  • Power: Access and manipulate data with a plethora of fields and directives
  • Schema Evolution: Deprecate fields and inform your users of the changes
  • Control: Allow teammates to create and configure endpoints

Extensions included in the “Public API” Bundle permalink

  1. Access Control permalink

    Grant granular access to the schema, based on the user being logged-in (or not), having a certain role or capability, and more.

  2. Access Control: Visitor IP permalink

    Grant access to the schema based on the visitor's IP address (Access Control extension is required).

  3. Cache Control permalink

    Cache the GraphQL response on the client-side or intermediate stages between client and server (such as a CDN) via standard HTTP caching.

  4. Conditional Field Manipulation permalink

    Apply a directive on a field only if some condition is met.

  5. Deprecation Notifier permalink

    Send deprecations in the response to the query (and not only when doing introspection).

  6. Field Default Value permalink

    Set a field to some default value (whenever it is null or empty).

  7. Field Deprecation permalink

    Deprecate fields, and explain how to replace them, through a user interface.

  8. Field To Input permalink

    Retrieve the value of a field, manipulate it, and input it into another field or directive, all within the same operation.

  9. Field Value Iteration and Manipulation permalink

    Iterate and manipulate the value elements of array and object fields.

  10. Low-Level Persisted Query Editing permalink

    Make normally-hidden directives (which inject some functionality into the GraphQL server) visible when editing a persisted query.

  11. Multiple Query Execution permalink

    Combine multiple queries into a single query, sharing state across them and executing them in the requested order.

  12. Response Error Trigger permalink

    Explicitly add an error entry to the response to trigger the failure of the GraphQL request (whenever a field does not meet the expected conditions).

  13. Schema Editing Access permalink

    Grant access to users other than admins to edit the GraphQL schema.

List of supported recipes permalink

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