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Buying the bundle gives you a license for 1 year (renewable every year), that includes support and access to all bundle updates. Prices are in USD.

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Go multilingual

Translate content

Translate your posts to any language using Google Translate.

Translate your content into over 100 languages using the Google Translate API.

The bundle provides extensions to access, iterate and manipulate the field value. With these, in addition to translating the whole blog post, you can also translate attributes deep within the (Gutenberg) block's structure, and then keep editing the content in the block editor!

Extensions included in the “Content Translation” Bundle permalink

  1. Conditional Field Manipulation permalink

    Apply a directive on a field only if some condition is met.

  2. Field on Field permalink

    Manipulate the value of a field by applying some other field on it.

  3. Field Response Removal permalink

    Remove the output of a field from the response.

  4. Field To Input permalink

    Retrieve the value of a field, manipulate it, and input it into another field or directive, all within the same operation.

  5. Field Value Iteration and Manipulation permalink

    Iterate and manipulate the value elements of array and object fields.

  6. Google Translate permalink

    Translate content to multiple languages using the Google Translate API.

  7. Multiple Query Execution permalink

    Combine multiple queries into a single query, sharing state across them and executing them in the requested order.

  8. PHP Functions via Schema permalink

    Manipulate the field output using standard programming language functions available in PHP.

List of supported recipes permalink

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