“Application Glue & Automator” Bundle

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Buying the bundle gives you a license for 1 year (renewable every year), that includes support and access to all bundle updates. Prices are in USD.

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Manage admin tasks, content workflows and automation

Transform content

Create and update posts in bulk:

Import content

Import any content (posts, users, tags, etc) from multiple sources:

Interact with the cloud

Send data to (and process data from) any service:

Automate tasks

Add hooks and schedule WP-Cron tasks to:

Handle large data sets with ease

Distribute content across a network

Manage content in a WordPress multisite, or in a network of independent sites:

This bundles gives you a toolbox for interacting with your data, and create workflows to automate tasks:

  • Keep content in sync, whether within the same site, or across multiple WordPress sites
  • Help migrate websites from one domain to another
  • Validate that a newly-published blog post contains mandatory blocks
  • Send a notification whenever a new comment is added
  • Send a welcome email to new users
  • Do a bulk replace of one (Gutenberg) block with another
  • Interact with cloud services
  • Convert data from 3rd-party APIs into the required format
  • Many more...

All this power comes without endangering your site: An internal GraphQL server is provided, so you don't need to expose an endpoint over the Internet just to execute your own admin tasks.

Extensions included in the “Application Glue & Automator” Bundle permalink

  1. Automation permalink

    Use GraphQL to automate tasks in your app: Execute queries when some event happens, chain queries, and schedule and trigger queries via WP-Cron.

  2. Conditional Field Manipulation permalink

    Apply a directive on a field only if some condition is met.

  3. Email Sender permalink

    Send emails via global mutation "_sendEmail".

  4. Field Default Value permalink

    Set a field to some default value (whenever it is null or empty).

  5. Field on Field permalink

    Manipulate the value of a field by applying some other field on it.

  6. Field Resolution Caching permalink

    Cache and retrieve the response for expensive field operations.

  7. Field Response Removal permalink

    Remove the output of a field from the response.

  8. Field To Input permalink

    Retrieve the value of a field, manipulate it, and input it into another field or directive, all within the same operation.

  9. Field Value Iteration and Manipulation permalink

    Iterate and manipulate the value elements of array and object fields.

  10. Helper Function Collection permalink

    Collection of fields providing useful functionality.

  11. HTTP Client permalink

    Addition of fields to execute HTTP requests against a webserver and fetch their response.

  12. HTTP Request via Schema permalink

    Addition of fields to retrieve the current HTTP request data.

  13. Internal GraphQL Server permalink

    Execute GraphQL queries directly within your application, using PHP code.

  14. Multiple Query Execution permalink

    Combine multiple queries into a single query, sharing state across them and executing them in the requested order.

  15. PHP Constants and Environment Variables via Schema permalink

    Query the value from an environment variable or PHP constant.

  16. PHP Functions via Schema permalink

    Manipulate the field output using standard programming language functions available in PHP.

  17. Response Error Trigger permalink

    Explicitly add an error entry to the response to trigger the failure of the GraphQL request (whenever a field does not meet the expected conditions).

List of supported recipes permalink

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