“Application Glue & Automator” Bundle

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Buying the bundle gives you a license for 1 year (renewable every year), that includes support and access to all bundle updates. Prices are in USD.

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This bundles gives you a toolbox for interacting with your data, and create workflows to automate tasks:

  • Keep content in sync, whether within the same site, or across multiple WordPress sites
  • Help migrate websites from one domain to another
  • Validate that a newly-published blog post contains mandatory blocks
  • Send a notification whenever a new comment is added
  • Send a welcome email to new users
  • Do a bulk replace of one (Gutenberg) block with another
  • Interact with cloud services
  • Convert data from 3rd-party APIs into the required format
  • Many more...

All this power comes without endangering your site: An internal GraphQL server is provided, so you don't need to expose an endpoint over the Internet just to execute your own admin tasks.

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